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Teifi Digital is a solutions company and digital agency that specializes in optimizing operational processes, enhancing marketing strategies, and building or improving ecommerce platforms through data driven tools and technology for small and medium sized companies. This data driven solution is collected through in-house research or business generated information to help alleviate the business’s problems quickly based on our industry experience.

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eCommerce Architect
On Location/Remote
Business Development Intern
On Location/Remote

“In the first three months of my time at Teifi Digital as a Digital Technology Consultant, I have gained a broad base of knowledge and skills that would otherwise take years of work to acquire in the same industry as a junior team member at larger agencies.

The wide array of knowledge I gained after graduating from the Beedie School of Business with a BBA (Concentrating in Operations Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation) is directly applicable to the work I do every day. My degree awarded me with a deep understanding of the strategies used to build successful companies, and how to optimize their processes and workflows to more efficiently do business. I have been able to directly apply my education in a meaningful and impactful way to an industry that focuses heavily on newer and innovative businesses that leverage tech throughout all of their operations.

Not only have I learned about the tools and technology that allow business to succeed in the digital world, I have gained a deep understanding of the key differentiators that successful businesses use to outperform their competitors. Outfitting our clients with the right digital tools and in turn seeing measurable gains in their business performance is a rewarding feeling.

The work is engaging and diversified, meaning that I am not stuck doing the same repetitive tasks each day. I also enjoy the flexibility to work independently as well as collaborating with like-minded team members on our many projects.

If you’re looking to become an expert in the future of all business, working at Teifi Digital will award you with the capabilities needed to set yourself apart.”

Evan ForerDigital Consultant