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In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s a necessity that your marketing, systems and media stay relevant. To ensure that you don’t fall behind, our solutions are designed to be current and adaptable, allowing them to evolve with the industry.


We believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-
fits-all business solution. Because of that, every solution we develop is carefully aligned with your strategy and core processes. It’s our goal to help you to not just keep up, but to excel.


As good as all this sounds, you’re conscious of your bottom line. That’s why we want to make sure that every service we provide you with is going to make you money. We’ll even show you each line item you pay for, so you know exactly you’re getting.

Meet the Team

Peter Tivy

Managing Partner

A curiosity for technology and how it can enable organizational change and expand the consumer experience, has been my underlying focus since founding TeifiX.

Starting my first technology company at the age of 15, innovation and passion are embedded in every aspect of who I am. Early entrepreneurship, facilitated an appetite for transformation in every opportunity pursued.

What launched as a modest website design service helping local businesses and non-profits keep up with the changing competitive landscape; developed into a business that syndicates technology and the consumer experience, to create value for a diversity of clientele.

Engrossing myself in my work, my first client presented an opportunity to enact real business change. The implementation of an infrastructure system permitted the company to gain efficiencies through automation and the opening of new consumer direct sales channels, adding nearly $1M in revenue in 2017. This would become the main focus for TeifiX as we work to develop distinctive brands for our client's in order to engage a growing consumer base through digital marketing.

My creative viewpoint, has allowed me to work on projects like My Lane Home, a small spaces home builder, Shopping Cart Elite an eCommerce service provider and CaseIT SFU an international MIS case competition.

Each year I endeavor to expand my cultural experiences by travelling to places in Europe and Southeast Asia. To stay competitive, I am vigorously working towards expaning TeifiX's reach by recuriting interntional talent and cliental.

Now a 20 something, I look forward to opportunities that will allow me to create value for firms through the utilization of technology and the enhancement of the consumer experience.

Daniel Breedveld

Lead Consultant

I care about finding innovative ways to communicate important ideas to people, which is why I am intending to concentrate in marketing. By emphasizing effective communication, creativity, and leadership, I strive for excellence in all work that I do. My work with Enactus SFU, Pastime Sports & Games, Downtown Surrey BIA, and SCDC have given me a strong understanding of value creation.

Sharon Huang

Jr. Consultant

Takundanashe Chisvo (TK)

Jr. Consultant

Julianna Driedger

Jr. Consultant

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